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what grades does d-b excel serve?

Currently serving rising 9th through 12th grade students.

WHAT types of programs are offered at dbe?

We offer full-time and part-time online and blended learning courses.

WHAT is the difference between online and blended learning courses?

Online courses are 100% online, meaning the student completes the course outside of the brick and mortar building. The D-B EXCEL online student is required to meet a minimum of 2 times during the semester; once at the beginning of the semester for orientation and once at the end of the semester for a proctored exam. The online teacher or an administrator may require the student to come in for tutoring if there is a need. Online labs are available Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. for any student to use.

Blended courses are part online and part face-to-face with a teacher.  D-B EXCEL administrators will determine a student’s schedule based on the courses the student is enrolled in and any other factors that will help in creating a personalized learning plan that suits each student. 

can i enroll in just one class?

Yes! You can enroll in one online class outside of your regular schedule.

how do i enroll?

Contact your school counselor to begin the enrollment process.

WHAT online classes does dbe offer?

Click here for a list of online course offerings.

is dbe free?

Yes!  D-B EXCEL courses are free to any student in Kingsport City Schools.

WHere is the dbe campus?

D-B EXCEL is located at 400 Clinchfield Street Suite 220, Kingsport, TN 37660.

is transportation provided to dbe?

Yes! Regular bus transportation is provided to any D-B EXCEL student.

WHAT materials are expected for a DBE student?

All materials required to take online and blended courses are provided for D-B EXCEL students.  A laptop is provided for each student.  

how do you take attendance?

Attendance for online students is based on performance and progress. Online teachers have been trained to track student progress through data and to communicate on a regular basis with students to keep performance levels on target.  Attendance is reported daily based on this data.

WHo monitors student work and progress?

D-B EXCEL provides a tiered monitoring and support system for students. The course instructor is the first line of support where students will receive daily monitoring, various levels of online and one-on-one support and many forms of communication including email, phone, and online chat related to student progress. The second tier of support is a D-B EXCEL administrator and the career and college liaison.  All of these educators are in close contact with the progress of students to provide guidance and tutoring as needed.  Additionally, the eLearning coordinator provides support and monitoring for all D-B EXCEL online and blended students.

WHAT if i need additional help?

D-B EXCEL students can come to the campus lab Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. until 4 p.m.  Lab facilitators are available for support.  Teachers can be contacted to plan one-on-one tutoring.  D-B EXCEL counselors are available to meet for guidance and support.

WHAT are the characteristics of a successful online student?

Common attributes of successful online or blended students are self-motivation, self-discipline, and excellent communication skills.  Online and blended courses are very challenging and students need to work independently, need to be able to take ownership of their learning and progress in order to remain on pace and progress toward completion and graduation.

WHAT if i fail a class?

If a student fails a course required for graduation, the student must re-take the course to receive full credit.

WHere can i get more information?

Please contact us at (423) 378.2185 or email us!