Dramahawks Score Big in Trojan Invitational

Team Sweepstakes: 3rd Place


After Dinner Speaking:

Molly Turner- 1st Place

Emily Steele- 6th Place


Dramatic Interpretation:

Emily Steele- 2nd Place

Maria Simpson- 5th Place


Duet Acting:

Jacob Lamb and Maddi Rimer-4th Place

JT Roberts and Elaina Harbin-5th Place

Madeline Goguen and Rhi Hite-6th Place


Improvisational Acting:

Jacob Lamb and Maddi Rimer- 2nd Place


Humorous Interpretation:

Ethan Harbin- 3rd Place


Novice Prose:

Landon Pack- 2nd Place



Ethan Harbin- 2nd Place


Public Forum Debate:

Julian Chastain and Kevin Loo- 2nd Place



Kyah Powers- 6th Place



Grace Wellman- 4th Place

Madeline Goguen- 7th Place

Molly Turner- 8th Place