Why DBE?

Reasons to Enroll at D-B EXCEL!

reason #10: Small environment

D-B EXCEL allows you to work in a much smaller environment while focusing on your academics and learning. 

REASON #9: blended & Online learning is the future

D-B EXCEL offers you the opportunity to learn in a manner that more and more colleges and companies are utilizing for learning purposes. Every aspect of our school will help you prepare for these future endeavors.

REASON #8: Canvas Courses

D-B EXCEL offers everything you need to graduate high school with a Dobyns-Bennett High School 28 credit hour diploma.

REASON #7: 24-7 Access to online learning

D-B EXCEL allows you the opportunity to work through the course material outside of the school day.  This allows you to work towards mastery of the content at night and/or on the weekends.

REASON #6: STEM & Project-based learning

D-B EXCEL is a STEM Designation School, recognized through the Tennessee Department of Education and the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network. The D-B EXCEL curriculum encompasses STEM education and project-based learning. Students demonstrate what they have learned with a product, performance, or presentation. Instead of taking a test that asks them to recall information, they are synthesizing ideas and building on what they've learned to create something new. This sets the stage for authentic assessment of student learning.

REASON #5: connections with the community

D-B EXCEL helps you discover your strengths and then connect with a mentor in our community.  This will give you an edge for college and/or workforce.

REASON #4: student supports

D-B EXCEL has operational hours from 7:30am-2:45pm- Monday-Friday.  This enables you to meet face-to-face with faculty & staff for additional academic support.

REASON #3: highly skilled teachers

D-B EXCEL teachers meet biweekly for Professional Learning.  During this time teachers are trained on the innovative pedagogical teaching strategies that will help propel students towards mastery of the standards. 

REASON #2: relevant hands-on learning experiences

D-B EXCEL will provide you with opportunities to engage in relevant and hands-on learning experiences that will help sharpen 21st Century learning skills.

REASON #1: flexibility

D-B EXCEL offers you an opportunity to come to school between the hours of  7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.  You can also take classes at main campus D-B and the Higher Education Center. We will work with you to personalize your learning experience.

Is D-B EXCEL for you?


  • Are you looking for a smaller learning environment?
  • Are you looking for a community connection or work opportunity?
  • Do you enjoy working online?
  • Do you like to work at your own pace?
If you answered "yes" to more than one of the above questions, we may be a good fit for you! Any registered KCS student in grades 9-12 can choose to attend D-B EXCEL program free of charge.

Enroll Today!