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Online discussions are an important way to interact with the teacher and other students in your class.  Your teacher will have specific directions about using the online discussion tool in your course and may provide a rubric with requirements for participation.
Please follow these guidelines when participating in online discussions:
  • Many discussion rubrics require that you reply to other students comments in addition to your own posting.
  • Reply to other students by supporting or challenging their perspective in a positive and respectful manner
  • Provide details or evidence that supports your opinion
  • End your post and your replies with a question that would encourage further dialog
  • Read other posts first to get a "feel" for the online environment
  • Be sure to post your original thoughts
  • Proper spelling and grammar are important to help others understand your point
  • Please refrain from offensive language, threats, texting lingo, insults or attempts to exchange contact information
  • Remember that all posts are monitored by teachers and reports of offensive language are automatically tagged and reported directly and immediately to administration