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Lead DBE

D-B EXCEL's Student Leadership Team

Discover your Leadership Potential!

Join Lead DBE!
  • Who Are We?
    • 8 highly motivated students
    • 2 dedicated teachers
    • 100% committed to DB-EXCEL
  • What Are We Doing?
    • Our goal is to help DB-EXCEL be the best that it can be: for students, teachers, parents, and the community!
  • As part of Lead DBE, you will: Conduct surveys to improve DBE
    • Conduct and Organize tours of DBE
    • Lead Improvement Projects at DBE
    • Assist in Operations at DBE
    • Lead Community Outreach for DBE
    • And so much more!!!
  • Lead DBE FAQ:
    • Are there only 8 students going to be accepted?
      • Not necessarily! The number of members could change depending on the number of applicants!
    • Can I earn community service hours?
      • Yes! We can sign off on hours when we complete projects.
    • Can I put this on a college application?
      • Absolutely! Leadership opportunities look great on an application!
Lead DBE accepts applications at the beginning and end of each school year. Please see Mr. Mowell for questions or more information.
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